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Super Bowl by the numbers: Breaking down the non-football statistics involving the big game

Super Bowl by the numbers: Breaking down the non-football statistics involving the big game

With the total at 56, Super Bowl LV between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers is expected to fill up the box score with a whole host of impressive offensive statistics. But the numbers that are produced on the field are not the only ones worth discussing. After all, the Super Bowl is not merely a football game; it is a cultural phenomenon.

Let’s take a look at the off-the-field factors that are involved, as well.


The percent of people who say that the commercials are the best part of the game. Well, “part of the game” may not be putting it exactly correct. Those people think the commercials are better than the game. Back in the day when the NFC frequently owned the AFC in lopsided blowouts and there were also entertaining gimmicks like the Bud Bowl, the actual game was an afterthought at times. But a whole host of recent Super Bowls have been wildly entertaining, and given this year’s matchup Super Bowl LV is expected to be no exception.


The average price of a ticket to Super Bowl LV on the resale market. For obvious reasons, attendance is limited in 2021. That combined with the intrigue of this matchup makes for extreme prices.

2 million

The number of pizzas that Domino’s has indicated it typically sells per Super Bowl Sunday. That’s an increase of approximately 30 percent from a normal Sunday.

$5.5 million

The average cost of a 30-second ad during Super Bowl LV. Let’s hope the quality of the commercials lives up to their cost, because the overall experience is much better when the commercials are good.

10 million

The total numbers of pounds of ribs that are sold during Super Bowl week. Not everyone is all about pizza and/or wings, apparently.

17.5 million

The number of people who are expected to miss work the day after the Super Bowl. You can be sure that many of those folks live in Tampa, Fla. and Kansas City, Mo.

28 million

The number of pounds of potato chips that will be consumed during the Super Bowl. And how much salsa?!?!

23.2 million

A total of 23.2 million people are expected to place at least one wager on Super Bowl LV. And why not? In addition to the standard spread and total, a countless amount of props and exotics are on offer.

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$1.2 billion

The value in beer sales that the Super Bowl is expected to account for, according to Nielsen. That is about average—not bad in the midst of a global pandemic.

“It is looking like beer sales will finish close to 2020 Super Bowl sales this year,” said Lester Jones, says Lester Jones, the chief economist for the National Beer Wholesale Association. “There certainly won’t be any big bump according to our numbers. The roller-coaster effects from the pandemic that saw a healthy sales rebound in the second half of last year from a dismal first half seems to be leveling off.”

1.4 billion

The number of chicken wings that Americans are expected to consume during Super Bowl LV, according to the National Chicken Council.

$4.3 billion

The total amount of money people are expected to wager on Super Bowl LV. Good luck!

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Last updated: Fri 5th February 2021

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