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888sport is a long-standing international powerhouse in the online gaming industry. The brand traces back to 1997, when the company that would become 888sport, Virtual Holdings Limited, was founded. Over many years of offering casino, poker and sportsbook products worldwide, 888 Holdings gained extensive experience in the online gambling arena.

In 2018, 888sport Sportsbook in the US was launched in New Jersey – only to cease taking sports bets in the state in December 2021. However, the 888poker and 888casino products are still available in NJ.

While 888sport no longer operates in the US, there is a reason for this. 888sport has partnered with the famous American sports entertainment entity Sports Illustrated to launch SI Sportsbook in 2021. While 888sport only operated in New Jersey before shutting down in the US, SI Sportsbook is already active in three states and counting.

Our 888sport review will examine many aspects that make any sportsbook worth its salt. Please remember that now that 888sport is operating as SI sportsbook stateside; all of the information in this review applies to SI Sportsbook.

We will consider the sign-up process, customer service, banking options, mobile and desktop sites and the app. We will alsol go into the range of sports and bet types available at 888sports Sportsbook, including standard American favorites like the NFL and NBA and your standard money lines, point spreads, totals (over/under) and beyond.

We can’t forget to discuss the 888sport promos, which are among the best you will find in the industry. You will undoubtedly want to take advantage of your lucrative 888sport promo code when signing up and making your first deposit. Moreover, 888sport is known for extensive ongoing promos – which we will look at in our 888sport Sportsbook review.

The current offer available for Colorado, Michigan and Virginia residents at SI Sportsbook (formerly 888sport Sportsbook) is $200 in bet credits with a qualifying wager of $20 or more using your 888sport promo code. You will undoubtedly want to take advantage of this generous offer. The first step to claiming it is to sign up for an account, and here we will look at the process.

How to sign up for an 888sport Sportsbook account

Keep in mind that if you would like to sign up for 888sport Sportsbook, you will not be able to sign up on the 888sport website from the US. That’s because the brand is no longer offered under that name stateside. However, the same fantastic product formerly offered in New Jersey is now available in multiple US states under the rebranded SI Sportsbook moniker. We will get into the exact sign-up process step by step, including claiming your $200 in bet credits.

  1. To start, click on one of the links in our 888sport review to be taken to the SI Sportsbook (formerly 888sport) welcome page.
  2. Click “Join,” and the registration page will appear.
  3. Create your username and password and enter verification details like your name, address, date of birth, and the last four digits of your Social Security number.
  4. Check the boxes to agree to the terms and conditions and finalize your registration. An email verifying your account will be sent to you.
  5. Log into the site using your credentials and make an initial deposit. Use your 888sport promo code and claim your $200 in bet credits.
  6. You must verify additional details to withdraw winnings, such as ID proof and address. The sportsbook will prompt you to provide these details before withdrawing; still, you can deposit and start betting before completing these steps.
  7. Once you complete these final verification requirements, you can withdraw funds. You can still place bets immediately after registering. Then you will want to place a wager, and here we will explain that process in detail.

How to place a bet on 888sport Sportsbook

We will now get into why we are all here: to place bets on the sportsbook. Placing a wager using either the mobile or desktop site or the SI Sportsbook (formerly 888sport Sportsbook) app is easy. Here we will outline the process step-by-step.

  1. Sign in to the sportsbook using the login details you used to create your account.
  2. Locate a sport you would like to bet on. You will note that the most popular sports are prominently displayed.
  3. You will see a list of games available to bet on and common bet types like money lines, point spreads, and totals (over/under).
  4. Upon selecting a wager, the bet slip will populate with your selection. Enter a dollar amount to bet, and you will see what you would stand to win.
  5. You can make additional selections to add to the bet slip, parlay them together or place them as individual bets. Upon adding dollar amounts for your additional wagers you will see what you would collect if they win.
  6. Upon finalizing your selections, click “Submit,” and your bets will be placed. You can see them under your account’s “My Bets” section.

888sport Sportsbook bonuses and promotions

Betting on sports can be enjoyable regardless of profitability, yet it is all the better if you can make money or break even. It can be challenging to succeed in sports betting, but there are vital ways to increase your profit potential.

Of course you need to make sound betting decisions regarding your selections, yet it is crucial to do everything possible to increase your return on investment (ROI). One way is to shop for the best lines and odds at different sportsbooks. Another is to enjoy welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions from top sportsbooks.

888sport Sportsbook promo offers are as generous as you will see in the industry. Not only are excellent welcome bonuses offered, but you will also find a wide selection of ongoing promotions. These include odds boosts, deposit reload bonuses, parlay insurance and more. Enjoying as many promotions as possible can be crucial in turning a profit or breaking even in sports betting.

Step one to taking advantage of lucrative promos is understanding what types exist. Here we will analyze the various 888sport promo offers available.

Welcome bonuses

The welcome bonus is the most common for all major sportsbooks. This bonus is offered to new sign-ups in conjunction with an initial deposit/wager. It enables new bettors to enjoy the sportsbook with little risk.

888sport promo code offers are among the more generous in the industry, and the current welcome bonus is no exception. New bettors can receive $200 in bet credits in states where 888sport (now SI Sportsbook) is active.

This 888sport promo code bonus functions slightly differently than most, but the terms and conditions are simple. First, you must sign up for the sportsbook. Make a deposit, bet at least $20, and ensure the odds are at least +120 or more. Assuming you win the bet, you will receive $200 in bet credits divided up into eight $25 bets. You must use these bet credits within seven days of their issuance.

What makes this offer different than most is that you only receive the bonus bets if your wager wins. It is generally the opposite. This interesting wrinkle makes this 888sport promo unique compared to most throughout the industry.

Odds boosts

Another standard ongoing promotion offered by 888sport Sportsbook and other top operators is the odds boost. An odds boost entails a particular bet being given more advantageous odds than in its standard form. This is an excellent way to boost your ROI in sports betting. SI Sportsbook (formerly 888sport) does an excellent job of displaying these offers prominently when they are available.

For an idea of how they work, odds boosts are generally offered as a parlay. A particular grouping of selections, often a two-teamer, will be displayed with more favorable odds than you would receive on the same selections using a standard parlay. It is almost always a good idea to take advantage of these offers when available since obtaining the most advantageous odds is the name of the game in sports betting.

Parlay insurance

Parlay insurance is another standard 888sport promo you will see as an ongoing user. Every parlay insurance offer can differ slightly, but they work similarly.

These promos will involve sportsbooks allowing bettors to bet a multi-leg parlay on a given day or during a particular period. There will be a minimum amount of selections needed to qualify, perhaps a five-leg minimum. Parlay insurance means that you could make such a bet, and if one of your selections loses then you would get your money back instead of losing the amount wagered.

This is an excellent way to increase your ROI, and anytime you get the chance to use parlay insurance it is wise to consider itt – especially  if you are the type of bettor who would place sizable parlays regardless of insurance.

Reload bonuses

Another typical promo you will see is the reload bonus. A reload bonus is not much different than a welcome bonus, except that it is offered for existing sportsbook users beyond their first deposit. 888sport Sportsbook promo offers such as these are prominently displayed, making it easy to access them when they occur.

In what states is 888sport Sportsbook legal?

Of course when analyzing any sportsbook, the first consideration is whether it is legal in your state. 888sport Sportsbook is unavailable in any US state as the name has changed to SI Sportsbook. Previously 888sport operated in only one state: New Jersey. SI Sportsbook is currently available in three states, which we will list below. However, we anticipate a growing number of states in the coming months and years, and in particular, it would stand to reason that New Jersey should join the fray shortly.

888sport Sportsbook mobile app review

Most sports bettors will tend toward placing wagers on the go in today’s betting landscape. Betting when away from home can be very beneficial since you may be able to catch inefficient lines and odds when out and about. But even at home it can be convenient to place wagers when not in front of your computer. Therefore any 888sport review needs to heavily consider the mobile app.

We will look at all crucial elements that go into the 888sport app (now the SI Sportsbook app). This will include the most essential factors like compatibility with popular operating systems, how much space is needed to store the app and the efficacy of the update process. We will also go into more specific details like the aesthetic appearance of the app, how easy it is to use, unique and special features and more.

Of course, if you can’t use the app it will be of no good to you. As such, the most important thing to consider is whether it is compatible with your device. Fortunately, the 888sport Sportsbook app (now the SI Sportsbook app) is available for iOS and Android devices. 888sport reviews on the app’s functionality for both operating systems are overwhelmingly positive.

Remember that you cannot download the app directly from the Google Play store and will need to go to the SI Sportsbook website directly to download the app for Android. You can download the iOS app directly from the Apple App store.

The app’s visual appearance is top notch, influenced by 888sport’s newfound collaboration with popular sports media entity Sports Illustrated. You can tell that this partnership has resulted in a new and improved aesthetic compared to the previous 888sport Sportsbook app offering. Navigating different sports and bet types is also straightforward, and the mobile bet slip is highly intuitive and easy to understand.

On top of it, the live bet tracking functionality is among the best you will find in the industry, and you can even live stream some sporting events in real time directly from the app. This makes it fun and easy to enjoy the action on your bets.

The 888sport Sportsbook app was known for being highly efficient in terms of functionality compared to space used on your device, and the update process was always quick and easy. We have noted that the new SI Sportsbook app offers the same storage and ease of update benefits, if not a slight improvement.

888sport Sportsbook website review

While the mobile app offered by any top sportsbook is a crucial factor, the website experience should not be overlooked. Many bettors may prefer to bet on a computer for multiple reasons. One is that placing many wagers quickly can be more accessible, particularly when jumping on time-sensitive odds. You might also find that you would rather not use an app since it takes up space on your mobile device. Yes, the 888 Sportsbook app (now the SI Sportsbook app) is reasonably sized. Still, some of us still experience space challenges on our devices. Some may prefer to place their bets using the mobile version of the website rather than the app.

When analyzing any sportsbook website it is essential to gauge the response times. While newer to the US market, 888sport Sportsbook has been operating for many years internationally, and it shows with its finely tuned SI Sportsbook website offering in the US. Any experienced bettor will tell you that there is nothing more important than accessing advantageous bets before lines and odds move.

Finding the sports and bets you want to place is accessible on the 888sport website. The site’s desktop version uses its added screen space to clearly display all betting options. We also found that the mobile site closely mirrors the experience of the 888sport Sportsbook app.

The bet slip is critical when considering any online sportsbook since that is where you will place all your wagers. We found that the 888sport Sportsbook bet slip is among the more intuitive in the industry. It is easy to populate with multiple bets to place as individual wagers or parlay. Readability is fantastic; it is easy to understand what you are wagering and what you stand to gain.

Another place where 888sport excels is with easy access to essential non-betting options such as banking, rewards program, customer service and more. These options are easy to access while keeping the betting options at the forefront.

Which sports can you bet on at 888sport Sportsbook?

It is crucial to consider what sports are available to bet on at any online sportsbook. While many of us may focus on standard US favorites like NFL, NBA, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA and NCAA football and basketball, some may like to explore more exotic options.

This is a place where we found that 888sport really shines. Below we will list all sports available at 888sport Sportsbook. Please remember that sportsbooks often add new sports, and sports may come and go based on seasonality and popularity. 

Which sports betting markets can you bet at 888sport Sportsbook?

Considering any online sportsbook, one of the most important factors is the variety of bets you can place. 888sport Sportsbook is a top option with all the standard bets you would expect, like money lines, point spreads, totals (over/under) and parlays. On top of it, more complex wagers are available, like teasers, round robins, props, futures, in-game betting and proprietary bets specific to 888sport Sportsbook (now SI Sportsbook). Here we will dive into the types of bets offered at 888sport and how they work.

Money line

When betting on sports, the most fundamental type of wager is a money line bet. There is no more straightforward wager since with money line betting, you are betting on who will win the game, nothing more, nothing less. If the team you bet on wins the game, you win your bet.

Of course, if betting on the money line was even money, you would simply bet on which team is more likely to win. That is where money line odds come in. Since there are disparities in sports matchups, sportsbooks have to set odds to even the action.

An example would be that perhaps the San Francisco 49ers are facing the Los Angeles Rams. The 49ers might be -140 favorites, while the Rams are +120 underdogs. This means you need to bet $140 on the 49ers to win $100, whereas, with a $100 bet on the Rams, you win $120. Yes, the 49ers are more likely to win, but this is reflected in the odds.

Point spread

Point spread betting is more popular than money line betting in US sports like the NFL and NBA. Although money line betting is simple, it can be less appealing, mainly when matchups are remarkably lopsided. If you bet on a significant underdog, you are unlikely to win, while a bet on the favorite allows a minimal return for your investment.

For an example of point spread betting, in the same hypothetical 49ers/Rams matchup, say the point spread is 2.5. This would mean the favored 49ers are -2.5, while the Rams are +2.5 underdogs. If you bet on the 49ers, you need them to win by at least three to win your bet, whereas the Rams can lose by as much as two, and you still win on a Rams wager.

Sportsbooks need to collect vigorish on point spread bets to make money. This is why although the point spread evens the odds on both sides, these wagers are not offered at even money. You will generally see point spreads at -110, meaning you must bet $110 to win $100.

Total (over/under)

Betting on the total (over/under) is right up there with point spread betting as one of the most popular types of bets in US sports wagering. When betting on a total, who wins the game doesn’t matter. You either want points to score if you bet the over or points not to score if you bet the under.

A common Same Game Parlay type (more on parlays later) is to bet one side of a team and the total. This enables you to have more action on a sporting event you plan to watch.

Using the same example of the 49ers and Rams, perhaps the total is set to 50. You would need 51 or more points to score for the game to go over, whereas you need 49 or less for it to stay under. Were exactly 50 to score, both sides would “push” and bettors would receive their money back.

It is generally a good idea to bet the under rather than the over, as the under has shown over a large sample size to win at a higher ratio. There is a logical reason for this: lines and odds move as bettors wager on one side or the other. More money inherently gets put on the over because casual bettors prefer to root for scoring. Therefore, totals get pushed up by the public beyond efficiency – making the under a smarter bet as a rule of thumb.


A parlay is one of the most popular types of bets among US sports fans, notably casual bettors. Betting on a single outcome in sports, like a point spread or total, can be anticlimactic since winning a considerable amount for a small investment is difficult. This is where parlays come in, enabling you to win a large amount while betting very little. On the other hand, they are a high-risk, high-reward option, particularly as you parlay together more games.

The meaning of a parlay is to put at least two individual wagers together onto one betting ticket. You can combine well over two selections into a parlay, up to 10 or more at most sportsbooks. As you add selections, the odds increase and you will win more and more money for your wager. If even one of your bets loses, the entire parlay loses and you lose your bet. This is what makes parlays risky.

Let’s use a Same Game Parlay example from the 49ers vs Rams matchup to illustrate how a parlay works. Perhaps you bet on the 49ers at -140 on the money line and parlay that with the over at -110. A $100 parlay would win you $227.27. This way, you can win considerably more than if you bet $100 on the 49ers or the over alone.


A teaser is a variation on a parlay that can be much easier to win, yet the allure of huge payouts is less. When playing a teaser, you get considerably better odds on the lines for games you add to your teaser card. However, you must pair many selections together for the payout to become extremely large.

For a typical example of a teaser using our 49ers vs Rams example, say you play a six-point teaser card (this is a common type of teaser in the NFL); the -2.5 49ers would become +3.5 underdogs, while the +2.5 Rams are now +8.5 underdogs. By adding six points to the spread, the odds are drastically in your favor to win on either side.

Again, you need to pair many of these together for a considerable payout, and if even one loses you lose your bet. So despite the highly advantageous odds, winning a considerably profitable teaser isn’t easy. It is, however, an intriguing bet type and one in which 888sport Sportsbook (now SI Sportsbook) specializes.

Round robin

Like a teaser, a round robin is a variation on a parlay, yet more similar to a traditional parlay. Round robins enable you to pair a group of betting selections together into many different parlays in different combinations. They are a popular type of NFL bet.

The simplest example of a round robin would be having three individual bets you want to place and combine into various parlays. With a round robin, you can enter these into the bet slip and it will automatically pair them into three parlay combinations without you having to do the work. This can be even more beneficial when pairing four or more selections into various parlays. Round robins are another bet category in which 888sport Sportsbook (now SI Sportsbook) excels.

Half and quarter bets

Half and quarter bets, or period betting in hockey, are the same as regular money line, point spread and total (over/under) betting. The only difference is that instead of placing these wagers on the entire game, you are betting on individual quarters, halves or periods (hockey).

One reason to place this type of bet is that you didn’t place a wager before the game and have decided you want some betting action. Another is that your initial wager looks like it is definitely going to lose, but you still want to enjoy the rest of the sporting event with some chance to win money or recoup losses.

Yet, more astute reasons exist to place these bets for skilled bettors. You may have noticed in-game factors that lead to an inefficient line on halves and quarters. These could include player injuries or coach game plan changes. 888sport Sportsbook (now SI Sportsbook) has an excellent selection of in-game betting options.

Live bets

With live betting, you can wager on constantly changing odds for money lines, point spreads, and totals throughout a game rather than simply betting on what will happen in halves and quarters. There are also occasions where you can bet on micro outcomes within games as they happen depending on the sportsbook and sporting event. This can be a great way for smart bettors to leverage intelligent observations during sporting events to find inefficient lines and odds. 888sport Sportsbook (now SI Sportsbook) offers an excellent selection of live betting options.


Futures betting is precisely what it sounds like, as you are wagering on events that will happen well into the future rather than same-day outcomes. Examples of futures bets are wagering on what NHL team will win the Stanley Cup or which NBA player will win the MVP award. There are many types of futures bets involving both team and player outcomes. We have found that the wide variety of futures available at 888sport Sportsbook (now SI Sportsbook) are among the best in the industry.


Prop betting (short for proposition betting) is arguably the most lucrative way to wager on sports outside of looking for arbitrage opportunities and other advanced betting concepts. It is more difficult for sportsbooks to maintain their wide variety of prop lines with the same level of diligence as sides and totals. It is also easier to handicap props, making prop betting a top choice for pro and profitable bettors.

Prop bet types include player props, game props and team props. A player prop could be how many touchdowns an NFL quarterback will throw for in a game or whether an MLB player will hit a home run. A team prop could be an over/under on the total touchdown scored by an NFL team. An example of the game prop would be whether a safety will be scored in an NFL game.

Novelty props are another type of prop, although less prevalent. They are primarily offered for the most significant sporting events like the Super Bowl. Examples include whether the coin toss will be heads or tails, how long the national anthem will last or other such trivial event outcomes.

888sport Sportsbook deposit & withdrawal options

Banking is a crucial consideration when analyzing any sportsbook. Let’s look at the deposit and withdrawal options available at 888sport Sportsbook (now SI Sportsbook).

888sport Sportsbook deposit options

Here is a list of deposit options available at 888sport Sportsbook (now SI Sportsbook). Deposit times for all of these methods are instant:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • Online Banking Transfer
  • PayNearMe
  • ACH Transfer
  • Play+ Card
  • PayPal
  • Cash at Casino

888sport Sportsbook withdrawal options

Let’s also take a look at the withdrawal options available. Withdrawals generally take three to four days:

  • ACH Transfer
  • Play+ Card
  • PayPal

888sport Sportsbook customer service options

When spending hard-earned money on sports betting, knowing you have dependable customer service options at any sportsbook is essential. Whether calling the 888sport Sportsbook customer service number at 1-800-494-0364 (now the SI Sportsbook customer service number), perusing the helpful FAQ or chatting with support agents via other channels, you will find that 888sport Sportsbook customer service is among the best in the industry.

Let’s look at the channels of 888sport customer service.

  • Email: You can email customer service through the SI Sportsbook Support Center here.
  • Phone: If you want to speak to an 888sport support (now SI Sportsbook support) representative, call 1-800-494-0364.
  • FAQs: Many of your questions can quickly be answered via the robust FAQ section at the SI Sportsbook Support Center.

Pickswise’s 888sport Sportsbook review

888sport Sportsbook has learned a thing or two over many years of international online gambling operation. Its new SI Sportsbook has taken the US sports betting industry by storm. Whatever you are looking for, whether it be the widest selection of sports and bets, a sizable number of banking options and excellent customer service, you will not be disappointed with the offerings at 888sport Sportsbook. Let’s start with the excellent sign-up bonus you will receive right out of the gate.

The 888sport promo code currently available offers you $200 in bet credits for a $20 qualifying wager. You do need to win the bet to receive the bonus credits, contrary to how many offers throughout the industry work. This is a generous offer, and we don’t know how long it will last, so there is no better time than the present to enjoy this lucrative welcome bonus and see what 888sport Sportsbook is all about.

Our verdict: 4.9 out of 5


Is 888sport Sportsbook legit?

While 888sport Sportsbook is no longer available in the US, its new SI Sportsbook offering is
entirely legal, licensed and legitimate for US betting. You can count on the safety of your
personal data and funds to be maintained, and payouts are prompt.

You will find that 888sport Sportsbook (now SI Sportsbook) functions much like any retail
sportsbook, yet you can conveniently access it through your computer or mobile device. Simply
sign up for the Sportsbook, use your 888sport promo code, deposit, place a qualifying wager of
at least $20 and receive $200 in bonus bets. You can collect your winnings just as you would at
any physical sportsbook.

Yes, you can withdraw your winnings from 888sport Sportsbook (now SI Sportsbook) whenever
you want – no different than collecting at a retail sportsbook. Upon verifying personal details like
proof of identity and address, you can withdraw winnings at your convenience.

Withdrawals generally take three to four business days at 888sport Sportsbook (now SI

888 Holdings, a multinational online gambling company based out of Gibraltar, owns 888sport Sportsbook.

You’ll find an excellent selection of parlay betting options at 888sport Sportsbook (now SI
Sportsbook), including Same Game Parlays, teasers and round robins.

While some Same Game Parlay options are unavailable at the operator’s discretion, you can bet same-game parlays at 888sport Sportsbook (now SI Sportsbook).

Claiming your 888sport promo code offer is easy. Simply click the links provided in this review to
be taken to the sportsbook (now SI Sportsbook) and sign up for the sportsbook. Make a deposit
and bet at least $20 on any wager with +120 or higher odds. If it wins, you will receive $200 in
bet credits.

Enter your 888sport promo code when you make your initial deposit. Wager at least $20 on a qualifying bet; you will receive $200 in bet credits if it wins.

888sport Sportsbook (now SI Sportsbook) offers many ongoing promotions for existing bettors.
These include parlay insurance, odds boosts, reload bonuses and a generous loyalty rewards program.

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