NFL Computer Picks

The home of our NFL computer picks for all of this week’s NFL games. NFL Computer picks, in their objectivity, are an advantageous and popular method for NFL wagering. With no bias or influence, our NFL computer picks rely on facts and figures only to provide you with the best, unbiased stats-driven NFL predictions throughout the entire season.

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How are the NFL computer picks calculated?

The Pickswise supercomputer creates pre-game probabilities using machine learning techniques as inputs to a Monte Carlo approach. This means we simulate a sporting event 10,000 times, catering for the deep range of outcomes and probabilities within a given event. We first predict the performance of each individual player based on hundreds of algorithmic variabilities which we use to run our event simulations. The probabilities themselves are dynamic in nature and are updated as new information such as team news, weather conditions, and movement within betting markets become available. We consider a value bet as one which identifies a discrepancy between our projections and the prevailing betting markets. The ability to consistently identify anomalies between our consolidated projections and sportsbook odds provides you with an increased chance of being a successful gambler and having long-term success.

Our best performing NFL computer picks are ones that have the best of the game and value identified icons under the best bets tab of each game:

computer picks


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NFL Computer Picks

What Is An NFL Computer Pick 

An NFL computer pick is an unbiased entirely stats-driven NFL prediction on the outcome of certain NFL markets available in that game.

Advanced stats, beyond the completions and yards, have grown immensely in recent years, with access to more and more data, we can use this information to find an edge in the NFL betting markets.

Our supercomputer is capable of creating pre-game probabilities using advanced machine learning techniques. The supercomputer simulates each NFL game over 10,000 times to cater for the large range of outcomes and variables that can occur. It does this by running hundreds of algorithmic variabilities to predict the performance of each player, which is then used to run overall match simulations.

The simulations are then used against each NFL match’s betting markets to identify the best computer picks and value selections for every game of the NFL season.

How To Use And Wager On Our NFL Computer Picks

There are many ways you can use our NFL computer picks, with a wealth of information on offer for each NFL game.

For each NFL game, you’ll find our NFL computer picks for the Moneyline, Spread, and Totals markets. You can also find individual player projections with passing, rushing & receiving yards, and projected chances of scoring a touchdown which is great for your player prop bets and NFL fantasy football contests.

We also highlight the best bets of the game as per the NFL computer predictions and also the best value bets when combining the simulations with the real-time odds.

If you want to make the most of our NFL computer picks, be sure to check out our latest sportsbook promo codes where we have lots of free bets and bonus offers available to new players, from all the leading online sportsbooks. 

NFL Computer Pick Score Predictions 

One of the most popular uses of our NFL computer picks are the computer pick score predictions.

With the wealth of statistics in our armory, our supercomputer can crunch the numbers to predict how the stats see the game going, and the expected points total of each team.

In doing this our computer is then able to compare our stats-based predictions alongside the sportsbook’s odds to highlight the biggest discrepancies and spotlight the best bets, be it on the Moneyline, Spread or Totals.

NFL Computer Picks – Pre-game Probabilities 

Our supercomputer generates both pre-game and live during a game. The pre-game probabilities the computer generates for every game of the NFL season include probabilities and NFL computer picks across the main three NFL markets in the Moneyline, Totals, and Against the Spread.

Against the Spread NFL Computer Picks and Predictions 

Here you’ll find the current spread line along with our supercomputer’s probability predictions for each team to cover the spread, along with their odds to do so. Lines can change throughout the week so our page continually updates to reflect any changes in the spread, and the impact it has on the NFL computer predictions and picks. 

Over/Under NFL Computer Picks and Predictions

Here you’ll find the current points total line, along with our supercomputer’s probability predictions for the match to hit over and under the current line, along with the odds to do so. Our page regularly updates to take into any line movements and also the impact that has on the predictions, so rest assured what you see is up-to-date and reflects the current odds and lines. 

Moneyline NFL Computer Picks and Predictions

The supercomputer also predicts the outcome of the match. Moneyline wagering is the simplest form of sports gambling, simply picking who will win the game. The supercomputer will calculate the chances of each team winning the match, as per the 10,000+ simulations it runs for each game. It also details the current odds for each team to win on the Moneyline. 

NFL Computer Predictions – Player Props 

Player prop bets are an increasingly popular form of NFL betting, and the odds, and lines can also be good guides to making fantasy football selections. Player performance predictions are at the very heart of our supercomputer, as it runs hundreds of variables in each players’ performance which are then used to run overall match simulations.

First Touchdown and Anytime Touchdown Probability

Two of the most popular player prop bet markets among NFL bettors are touchdown scorers. The two most common ways to wager on player touchdowns are the First Touchdown Scorer and Anytime Touchdown Scorer markets.

Our supercomputer uses a wealth of player data to run thousands of simulations, and in doing so produces the probability of a player scoring the first touchdown and at any time during the game.

The probability percentages are displayed for the top players in every NFL game and are a great tool for determining the value and probability of those touchdown wagers. 

NFL Computer Predictions – Projected Player Stats 

Another great use of our supercomputer is the projected player stats for the top expected players of each game. Along with touchdown wagers, you can also wager on player stats markets such as total yards passing, receiving, or rushing. Our supercomputer simulations predict the expected yards for players across all three of these categories.

NFL Computer Picks – Best Bets For This Game

With such a wealth of information available to users for every single game of the NFL season, our best bets for this game tab contains just that, our best bets. Our supercomputer generates multiple predictions for each game, but here you can find the ones our supercomputer likes most, or those that it projects as having the best statistical chance of cashing.

Along with the best bets, and arguably one of the most useful tools alongside the NFL computer picks, which is the value identified button. This shows when the supercomputer identifies a discrepancy between our projections and the prevailing betting markets. Being able to consistently identify anomalies between our projections and the sportsbook odds provides customers with an increased chance of having long term success when wagering on the NFL.

You can find these value identified predictions by looking for a golden coin with a dollar sign next to a pick or prediction. 

NFL Computer Predictions – In-Play Probabilities

Not only does our supercomputer make pre-game NFL computer picks but it also offers an exciting in-game screen with live, dynamic in-game probabilities that react to the onfield action and the Against the Spread, Totals, and Moneyline markets.

In-play betting often described as Live Betting on a number of online sportsbooks is an increasingly popular and exciting way to wager on a game while you watch the action. With odds updated to reflect the onfield action, you can wager across many markets including player props, Moneyline, Totals, and Against the Spread.

It also contains in-game player statistics, and play-by-play data so you can follow all the action on the Pickswise website, with live data and odds at your fingertips, making it a one-stop-shop for all thing NFL on gameday.


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