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Pickswise is the home of the 2022 Super Bowl picks and betting previews. Our experts spend hours researching the statistics and data for the big game, culminating in the most informed, researched, and very best free betting picks for Super Bowl LVI, which takes place on Sunday, February 13, 2022. Check out the rest of the hub for more Super Bowl picks across the exotic markets such as Super Bowl Prop Bets, Super Bowl Parlays, or even see how our Super Bowl Computer Picks predict the game going!


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Football wagering is easily the most popular among North American sports bettors and there is no single bigger event on the calendar than the culmination of the NFL season, the Super Bowl. NFL betting is unique in that point spreads, favorites, and picks are widely discussed year long, on every game, the Super Bowl is no different. The Super Bowl is preceded by an entire week of media, interviews, analysis, and build-up like no other.

With all of this attention comes a different challenge when making Super Bowl picks, with just one game to focus on, sportsbooks scrutinize every line and every market. There are also a lot more markets made available for the Super Bowl than you’ll be accustomed to with an NFL game, and our expert handicappers are on hand to research every angle and Super Bowl market to produce the best free Expert Super Bowl Picks as well as our Super Bowl Best BetsSuper Bowl Parlays and our very own data-driven Super Bowl Computer Picks. At Pickswise, we have all of your Super Bowl Picks, analysis, and stats under your roof.


There’s almost an infinite way to bet on the NFL, and the Super Bowl Picks take that to another level. On a typical NFL game, you are able to wager picks against the spread, over/under, parlays, prop bets, and more, there really is a wager type for every kind of football fan and sports bettor. The Super Bowl has even more of each wager type and even has unique Super Bowl picks such as the national Anthem length, the artists opening song of the HalfTime Show, to the color of the Gatorade shower. Some bettors like to specialize in a single type of Super Bowl pick, while others may like to place a few picks just to add a bit of fun alongside watching the game. At Pickswise all of our Super Bowl picks are fully researched by our expert handicappers and are accompanied with full analysis and reasoning for the pick. So no matter what type of sports bettor you are, new or old, seasoned or rookie, we have all bases covered here with our Super Bowl picks.


The most popular way to bet on the Super Bowl is against the spread (ATS). Much like the regular season, where it is a weekly staple for sports bettors, everyone from TV Analysts to professional sports bettors cast their opinion on which way the spread will land. With a Super Bowl pick Against the Spread, you are not simply picking who will lift the Lombardi Trophy but who will cover the spread, as set by sportsbooks ahead of the Super Bowl. For example, in 2020 the Kansas City Chiefs were 1.5-favorites, which meant to cover the spread they had to win by more than 1.5 points, or for San Francisco to win against the spread they would have to win or lose by less than 1.5 points. The final score was 31-20 to the Chiefs, therefore the Chiefs covered the spread, and Super Bowl picks on the Chiefs -1.5 would cash. A fun stat worth noting is that in NFL games, the team that covers the spread wins the game outright around 80% of the time.


Over/Under Super Bowl Picks are perfect when you aren’t 100% confident in which team is going to win and there is often no game more highly contested than the Super Bowl itself. Instead of choosing a team to win, or a team to cover the spread, you wager against a pre-set game total points line, and whether you see the game hitting over or under that line. This way you have both teams working for you, if you back the over you just sit back and hope it rains points, or for a tight, tactical low scoring affair with the under. The exciting thing about this market, is you are often never out of it, particularly with taking the overs. The game could be done but a last-ditch Field Goal to seal it or a successful hail mary by the trailing team can be the difference, and often is, with the over or under hitting. Our experts put hours of research every week to preview the over-under markets and the Super Bowl over/under picks are no different. From experience handicapping, watching every game and a wealth of statistical analysis including team news, injuries, weather and more, our over/under Super Bowl picks are the best free picks on the market.


Any seasoned or long term sports better will tell you, that while a bet against the spread is exciting and the odds are better, it can be equally frustrating. An NFL team, in theory, is looking to win by 1, and in no game more so than the Super Bowl. Of course they’d love to win by more and take a 20 point lead into the fourth quarter, but sports often aren’t like that. With Moneyline wagering, you are simply picking a team to win, it’s that simple. If you wager the favorite on the Moneyline, you often won’t get great odds but it’s seen as a safer pick, betting the underdogs, however, can see you pick up great odds on the upset. The Super Bowl sees the two best teams on the year face off (usually) so the margins are often a lot finer. With this in mind you can often get pretty good odds for either team and don’t have to worry about covering the spread. Our Super Bowl picks on the Moneyline are well-researched and fully explained. Our expert handicappers rely on decades of experience as well as statistical analysis to provide you the best, free Moneyline Super Bowl Picks.


Here at Pickswise we specialize in more than just Super Bowl Picks, and more than just NFL Picks. We also specialize in every major US sport including MLB PicksNBA Picks and NHL Picks on every game of their respective seasons. We also cover the top-25 and selected other games in both our College Football Picks and College Basketball Picks right through to the National Championship Game and March Madness itself. Check out our site every day for the best bets in all the top sporting contests and make sure to follow us on social media for all the latest news and betting offers too

Super Bowl FAQs

The Super Bowl 56 MVP, or Most Valuable Player to give it its full name, is chosen by a panel of 16 football writers and broadcasters, with fans also able to vote electronically since Super Bowl XXXV in 2001. The media ballots count for 80% of the vote tally, with the viewers making up the remaining 20%.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has been named the Super Bowl’s most valuable player a record five times, most recently in 2021 at Super Bowl 55 when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes was the Super Bowl MVP in 2020 after leading the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl victory in 50 years. The winning quarterback is always the front runner for the MVP award, having been the winner in seven of the last ten years, with Linebackers Malcolm Smith and Bobby Wagner, and Wide Receiver Julian Edelman the only exceptions in the last decade.

Unsurprisingly, the two teams that made Super Bowl 55 are favored to win Super Bowl 56, with the Kansas City Chiefs the +500 favorites and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers second favorites at +700. The Green Bay Packers are next in with odds of +1200 with the likes of the  Los Angeles Rams,  Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, and San Francisco 49ers at around +1400.

The Money Line for the Super Bowl is the sports betting term used for deciding the manner, in effect, who will be crowned Super Bowl Champion. It is the simplest form of sports gambling, if the team you wager on, on the Money Line wins so do you, but if they lose, unfortunately, you do too. Last year in Super Bowl 2021, the Money Line odds had the Kansas City Chiefs at -171, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers +145. This means if you wagered $100 on the Buccaneers you’d have won $145 profit $245 total.

The Point Spread on the Super Bowl is a betting market where sportsbooks set a points line to even out the chances of a team winning and losing. The favorite will have to concede points to cover the point spread, where the underdog will receive points, in earnest get a head start and must win or lose by less than the set point spread for your ticket to cash.

For example in Super Bowl 2021, the Kansas City Chiefs were -3 point favorites over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Buccaneers won 31-9, thus with a +3 point head start, the Buccaneers, as underdogs covered the spread.  The Chiefs would have had to win by 4 or more points to have covered the spread, any smaller margin of victory or a loss would have meant the Buccaneers covered the spread.

The Game Total on the Super Bowl is a total points line set by sportsbooks. Bettors can then wager for the total points scored in the Super Bowl to go over or under that set line.

For Super Bowl 2021, the game total was set by sportsbooks at 56 total points with odds of over or under this amount at -110 odds. The match ended up finishing 31-9 to the Buccaneers so for the second straight Super Bowl, the Unders hit with only a total of 40 points scored.