Super Bowl Computer Picks

Pickswise is the home of the Super Bowl Computer picks and Super Bowl score predictions. Our Super Bowl computer picks, in their objectivity, are advantageous and popular among Super Bowl bettors. Solely based on statistical analysis and event simulation, our Super Bowl computer picks rid of the prediction of human bias or influence, resulting in totally unbiased, statistical-based calculations and predictions for the 2021 Super Bowl.

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Super Bowl Computer Pick Score Predictions

One of the most popular and useful ways to make the most of our Super Bowl computer picks are for the NFL computer picks score predictions. For every game of the NFL season, including the Super Bowl itself, our supercomputer generates a score prediction as a result of over 10,000 stats-based simulations.

A computer pick score prediction allows us to compare them with real-time odds to highlight the best betting opportunities in the Super Bowl. It’s also a great tool for sports bettors to reaffirm what they may already be looking to wager on and plenty of users make use of our player stat computer predictions for the likes of fantasy football and their Super Bowl Prop Bets.

Super Bowl Computer Picks Against the Spread

In our Super Bowl computer picks and predictions, you will find the current spread line for the Super Bowl as well as our supercomputer’s probability projections for each team to cover the spread along with their odds to do so. Lines do change throughout the game week, particularly with the Super Bowl with a two week build-up, so our Super Computer continually updates to reflect and react to these changes, probabilities, and stats.

Over/Under Super Bowl Computer Picks and Predictions

In our Super Bowl computer picks and predictions, you will find the current total points line for the Super Bowl as well as our supercomputer’s probability for both the over or under hitting. Much like the spreads, the total points line moves throughout the game week and in the build-up to the Super Bowl so our supercomputer continues to update the probabilities as information comes to light or when the lines or odds change with the sportsbooks. 

Moneyline Super Bowl Computer Picks and Predictions

The supercomputer also predicts the outcome of each NFL game of the year including the Super Bowl itself. Moneyline wagering is the simplest form of sports gambling, simply picking who will win the game. The supercomputer will calculate the chances of each team winning the match, as per the 10,000+ simulations it runs for each game. It also details the current odds for each team to win on the Moneyline. 

First Touchdown and Anytime Touchdown Computer Picks

One of the most popular and commonly wagered Super Bowl Prop Bets among sports bettors is player touchdowns. The three ways you can wager on a touchdown score are First Touchdown & Last Touchdown which offer bigger odds but bigger risk and difficulty, or you can wager on an Anytime Touchdown scorer, leaving the whole game open for your ticket to cash. Our supercomputer runs over 10,000 stats-based simulations to provide a full game prediction and does so by simulating individual player stats before building a bigger picture. With this, we have touchdown predictions for the Super Bowl highlighting the probability of both First and Last Touchdown Scorers, as well as the probability of the player scoring anytime during the Super Bowl. All of which are great tools to use ahead of making those Super Bowl Touchdown Scorer wagers

Super Bowl Computer Predictions – Projected Player Stats

Another great use of our supercomputer is the projected player stats for the top expected players in the Super Bowl. Along with touchdown wagers, you can also wager on player prop bet markets such as over or under set lines around receiving, rushing, passing, or scrimmage yards. The core of our supercomputer is based on player performance simulations so our computer projections have yardage calculations as well as touchdown probabilities, which can be a great tool for deciding on those players’ prop bet wagers. 

Super Bowl Computer Picks FAQs

The Pickswise supercomputer calculates pregame NFL probabilities using machine learning techniques with a Monte Carlo approach. This Supercomputer simulates game outcomes over 10,000 times, to cater for a deep range of outcomes and probabilities to predict the Super Bowl score, result, best bets, and player stats. To achieve this it predicts the performance of each individual player, by running hundreds of algorithmic variabilities to build a wider picture of the total event, in this case, the Super Bowl outcome. The probabilities are continually updated as new information such as injuries, weather conditions, and movement within betting markets become available. Our Supercomputer identifies what we call a value bet, this is when our Super Bowl computer picks match up favorably to the sportsbook odds and betting markets. Being able to highlight these discrepancies between our Super Bowl Computer Picks and the betting odds provides an increased chance of being successful with your wagering long term.

Our super Bowl computer picks are unbiased, stats-driven prediction’s ahead of the NFL’s big finale, the Super Bowl. In the modern ages advanced stats, beyond completions and yards, have grown immensely and with access to this expert data, we can find an edge in the NFL betting markets through our Super Bowl computer predictions. 

Our supercomputer is capable of simulating pre-game probabilities using advanced machine learning techniques, in which it simulates each game over 10,000 times. It does this by running hundreds of algorithms that predict the individual performances of players, which can be used to form an overall Super Bowl simulation, and match betting predictions. 

The simulations are then mapped against the Super Bowl betting markets and odds such as Moneyline, Against the Spread, Points Totals, and Player Props to highlight the best value plays for the Super Bowl.

There are many ways you can use our Super Bowl computer picks, with a lot of free information available for every NFL game, including the Super Bowl itself.

Our supercomputer is made to work hard for our benefit with over 10,000 simulations to produce Super Bowl computer picks for the Against the Spread, Points Totals, and Moneyline markets. Our super Bowl computer picks also provide player stat projections with their expected yards and likelihood of scoring touchdowns also freely available ahead of the Super Bowl. 

We also highlight the best bets of the game as per the Super Bowl computer predictions as well as the best value bets when combining our stats-based simulations with the real-time Super Bowl odds. 

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