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The home of our Super Bowl Odds page. With a wide variety of Super Bowl Sportsbooks to choose from, it is always important to shop the Super Bowl odds before placing any wagers. Here, on the Super Bowl odds page, you can do just that. With Super Bowl odds and lines across the top markets, you can quickly and easily find the best odds and lines for Super Bowl 56. Want to make the most of these odds? Check out our Super Bowl Predictions and Super Bowl Prop Bets for the thoughts of our expert handicappers who detail their best Super Bowl Picks.


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Super Bowl 56 Odds

The following year’s Super Bowl odds are typically compiled even before the conclusion of the previous season.  Sportsbooks like to get a jump ahead on these markets and you can bet on them from then, right through until the Super Bowl itself. The sportsbooks will update their odds for each team in line with season trades, injuries, form, and much more.

See below for the latest Super Bowl 56 Odds.

How To Read The Super Bowl Odds

There are many different ways to wager on the Super Bowl, and with a whole host of Super Bowl odds available, it can be confusing at times for novice bettors to understand them. Here on the Super Bowl Odds page, we’ll display the Super Bowl odds from the best online sportsbooks, the main Super Bowl odds markets such as the Moneyline, Points Spreads, and Points Totals. We will also go into detail on what other Super Bowl odds will be available, what to expect, and how to read them. Anything Super Bowl Odds related, we have you covered right here.

Super Bowl Moneyline Odds

The simplest way to wager on the Super Bowl is through the Moneyline odds. The Moneyline odds are derived by each teams’ calculated chances of winning, as per the sportsbooks. With the Moneyline odds, you are wagering on which team will win the Super Bowl. With a winner having to be decided in the Super Bowl, a tie is out of the question so which team lifts the Lombardi Trophy, wins the Moneyline.

The Moneyline Super Bowl odds will typically be displayed in the format of American odds, these can be identified by a + or – symbol before the figure, with the – sign displaying the favorite and the + sign the underdogs.

Super Bowl Spread Odds

The Super Bowl Spread odds or Points Spread odds as they’re commonly referred to, is one of the most talked about types of football bet amongst bettors and TV analysis alike. Unlike the Super Bowl Moneyline odds, with the Super Bowl Spread odds, you are not betting on which team will win, but which team will cover the spread, as set by the sportsbooks. The favorite will start with negative points on the spread, with the underdog getting points. As such a team can lose the match, but cover the spread, should they lose by less than the Super Bowl spread line. In recent history, however, the last 11 Super Bowl winners have also covered the spread. The Super Bowl Spread Odds are typically set at around +110, but there will be slight differences in both the odds and lines, so be sure to check out our Super Bowl odds comparison above, which shows you the spreads and odds from all of the top sportsbooks.

Super Bowl Totals Odds

The Super Bowl Totals odds is a great market for bettors that are unsure on who will win the Super Bowl, or if you feel the game will be particularly high scoring or low scoring. As with the Moneyline and the Spread, the Points Total is set by the sportsbooks, with bettors able to wager on the total match points to go over or under that figure. While most sportsbooks will have the same Super Bowl Totals Odds, there are marginal differences, and in a market where 1 point can differentiate between a win or a loss, every point in your favor counts. Be sure to check out our Super Bowl Totals odds table above to see the live Super Bowl odds and lines across all of the best online sportsbooks.

Super Bowl MVP Odds

The Super Bowl MVP odds are one of the most popular and discussed types of Super Bowl Prop Bets. The MVP or Most Valuable Player of the Super Bowl is announced after the match and decided upon by a committee of analysts as well as a fan vote. Due to its popularity, the majority of sportsbooks will offer Super Bowl MVP odds, and you can find a much greater difference in the odds, between sportsbooks than some of the more traditional markets listed above, particularly if you’re taking an underdog pick to win the MVP Award, so be sure to shop the odds. Recent Super Bowl MVP Odds and winners have been dominated by Quarterbacks, with the QB’s from both teams typically having the best Super Bowl MVP Odds. 

How To Calculate your Super Bowl Odds

Calculating your Super Bowl odds will depend on which type of bet you’re wagering on. For straight bets, you just multiply your stake by the odds. See below for how to calculate your Super Odds for American, Fractional, and Decimal odds.

American Super Bowl Odds

American odds are identified by either a + or – sign before the number. The – indicates the favorite and the + the underdog. The numbers also indicate how much you’ll win for your wager. With a – sign, the number that precedes it shows how much you must stake to win $100, with a + sign indicating how much you will win If you stake $100.

For example at -110, if you wager $110 you’ll win $100 profit a total of $210. If you wager $100 on a +300 bet you’ll win £300.

Fractional Super Bowl Odds

With fractional Super Bowl odds, the first number is the amount you can expect to win and the second number the amount you’ll need to stake to win that amount.

If you wanted to place a bet at odds of 9/2 then a $20 wager would see you win $90 in profit so $110 in total. At odds of 3/1, you’d need to stake $100 to win $300 profit, $400 in total, and so on.

Decimal Super Bowl Odds

Decimal odds are probably the most simple to calculate as you just multiply your stake by the odds to determine your total payout. A $100 wager at odds of 5.5 can be calculated by multiplying 5.5  x 100 which is $550, for a profit of $450.

Super Bowl Odds Player Prop Bets

Super Bowl Player Prop Bets are bets on whether an individual player will exceed or fall short of a set line, usually based around receiving, rushing, or passing yards. You can also wager on whether a player will be the First Touchdown Scorer, Last Touchdown Scorer, or an Anytime Touchdown Scorer during the Super Bowl.

Unlike the main markets like the Moneyline, Spread, or Points Totals, Player Prop such as above can see a much greater variation in Super Bowl Odds from sportsbook to sportsbook so its vital to shop the odds and make sure you’re wagering on your picks with the best possible Super Bowl Odds.

Check out our Super Bowl Prop Bets page for all of our best prop bet plays in Super Bowl 55, including the best Super Bowl Odds for those picks.

Super Bowl Touchdown Scorer Odds

The most popular type of Super Bowl Prop Bets are those that revolve around Touchdown Scorers. Touchdowns are a huge part of football, they often decide the game and with fantasy sports contests so popular, we’re all accustomed to picking players based on matchups and the likelihood of scoring a touchdown. You can also capitalize on these matchups with some great Super Bowl Odds on a player to score either anytime or first during the match.

The main players from each team will have the best odds to score both anytime and the first touchdown.  In the 2021 Super Bowl  Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, and Mike Evans, unsurprisingly, topped the list with the best Super Bowl Touchdown Scorer odds. You can get bigger odds about the more obscure players for those longshot picks, like Tom Brady himself at +425 Anytime or +3500 To Score First.

Rob Gronkowski was the First Touchdown Scorer in Super Bowl 55 cashing in at odds of +1800 for his legion of followers.

Super Bowl Odds FAQs

The Super Bowl Odds are set by sportsbooks, with each individual odds displaying how much a bettor can win, if they successfully wager on that market. With the Super Bowl such a huge event, there will be hundreds of Super Bowl odds available in the lead-up to the game. The Kansas City Chiefs are currently the favorites for Super Bowl with odds of +500

The 2022 Super Bowl will be played on February 13, 2022, at SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles. Currently, the Kansas City Chiefs are the favorites to win Super Bowl 56 with odds of around +500. The defending champions in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the second-best odds at +700.

The odds for Super Bowl 56 Touchdown Markets will be released following the conclusion of the AFC & NFC Championship games which are scheduled to take place on January 30th, 2022.

In the 2021 Super Bowl Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill, had the best Anytime Touchdown Scorer odds at around -165. Mike Evans and Leonard Fournette had the best odds of the Buccaneers players with odds of +120 and +125 respectively to score a touchdown anytime during the 2021 Super Bowl.

The odds for Super Bowl 56 Touchdown Markets will be released following the conclusion of the AFC & NFC Championship games which are scheduled to take place on January 30th, 2022.

Unsurprisingly, in 2021 it was Patrick Mahomes’ favorite two targets in Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill that had the best Super Bowl odds to score the first touchdown of the game at around +600 or +650 odds for either.

Rob Gronkowski was the scorer of Super Bowl 56’s first touchdown and can have been bet at whopping odds of +1800.

Check out our Super Bowl Prop Bets page for our experts’ opinions on all of the top player prop bets including the Frist Touchdown Scorer Market.