Super Bowl Parlays 2022

The home of our Super Bowl Parlays picks. The Same Game Parlay has been one of the fastest-growing, most popular bet choices this season, and it's easy to see why. Our expert team selects the top plays to combine into a big odds Super Bowl parlay. With so many Super Bowl Prop Bets, Betting lines, and other Super Bowl Predictions available, you won't be short of choice when making a Super Bowl Same Game Parlay. Check out our experts' top Super Bowl parlay play as well as all of our other Super Bowl Picks.

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Super Bowl Parlay and Super Bowl Same Game Parlay Explained

A Parlay in the traditional sense is a bet where you combine multiple picks from different matches to form one wager, where all selections must win for the ticket to cash. The best part of a parlay is the increased odds, by combining your selections’ odds together you can win big from a smaller stake, but increased odds equals increased risk. Where a Super Bowl Parlay differs is the fact it is only one game. Traditionally you couldn’t parlay picks on one game, aside from occasionally on the spread and totals markets, with some sportsbooks offering odds about the 2-pick parlay. The addition of Same Game Parlays, however, has completely changed the way people wager on individual games with it now possible to parlay prop bets and wagers from within the same game. For example, you can now combine a team to cover the spread, the total points to be over the line, and a player to score a touchdown anytime in the Super Bowl. 

Why Bet A Super Bowl Parlay

One of the main reasons people like to wager on a Super Bowl Parlay is for fun. It’s a bet where you can dream of winning big from even the smallest stakes. 

Same Game Parlays, also known as One Game Parlays or Single Game Parlays depending on which sportsbook you use are relatively new, but have become a go-to bet for NFL bettors and the possibility of a Super Bowl parlay is an exciting one. 

The odds are one of the main reasons to bet a Super Bowl Parlay, with every selection you add multiplying with one another, you can quickly see huge odds for your parlay. Obviously, with this, every selection you add, the parlay becomes more difficult to hit as all selections must win for your Super Bowl Parlay to cash, so finding that balance is key.

One bonus of a Super Bowl parlay is being able to correlate your picks. By that, we mean to bet on outcomes that will likely affect one another. For example, if you are betting a Quarterback to throw for over 280 yards, why not also bet the top receiver to score a TD and the team to win. If the Quarterback has a great game, the teams will be in a good spot and his top receivers will also benefit. By wagering these all together in a Super Bowl parlay you multiply the odds of each selection, to wager on the all happening at greater odds. 

How To Win a Super Bowl Parlay Bet

Parlay bets are becoming increasingly popular, and with the addition of Same Game Parlays. The Super Bowl Parlay is set to be the next big thing in NFL betting.

A Super Bowl Parlay is a lucrative betting opportunity, with each selection increasing the total odds and potential payout. However, with increased odds comes increased difficulty so it’s a fine balance, as with all parlays, you must hit on each selection for the bet to cash.

Our expert handicappers have put together our three best tips for creating your Super Bowl Parlay and any parlay in general to maximize your chances of winning long term.

  1. Stick to 2, 3, or 4 selection parlays – While a huge 10-selection Super Bowl parlay is great fun and will have huge returns, realistically they’re extremely tough to hit. Sticking to a few of your top picks is a much more effective way to lock in a profit as your main wager. 
  2. Shop around for odds – More pertinent to traditional multi-game parlays, but it’s increasingly a factor now in Super Bowl Parlays with more sportsbooks offering Same Game Parlays. Currently, FanDuel, BetMGM, and PointsBet offer NFL Same Game Parlays, and each will have different odds and lines for their props. While there is often only a marginal difference, with multiple selections those marginal differences add up across the entire Super Bowl Parlay. 
  3. Correlate your Super Bowl Parlay Picks –  One of the best things about a Super Bowl parlay or Same Game Parlay’s in general, is the ability to correlate your picks. If you think a team has a huge advantage in the passing game for example and will win the game convincingly, you can parlay the team to cover the spread, the overs on the QB’s passing yard lines, as well as the top receivers’ receiving yard line and to score a TD. With one simple thought line or game narrative, if you’re right, they all correlate and are more likely to hit, and at tasty Super Bowl Parlay odds. v

Super Bowl Parlays FAQs

To make up your Super Bowl Same Game Parlay you can combine a variety of Super Bowl Prop Bets such as Point Spreads, Points Totals & Moneylines, all of which can be on the entire game or on specific quarters of halves. There are also a whole host of Player and Team prop bets such as Anytime Touchdown Scorers or over/under yardage lines for the top players on each team. The individual odds of these selections combine to make the total odds of the Super Bowl parlay

Yes, you can parlay Super Bowl prop bets. With the addition of the Same Game Parlay, you can now parlay prop bets as well as other markets such as game spreads, total points, team points, and much more into a parlay. By parlaying your prop bets, you combine the odds in a parlay, giving you the chance to win big for a smaller stake. As with all parlays, however, all selections in your Super Bowl parlay must win for the ticket to cash.

Each sportsbook will offer a slightly different range of bets that you can parlay in the Super Bowl, with FanDuel, BetMGM, and Pointsbet currently offering Same Game Parlays. All of the main NFL markets you’d expect can be parlayed in the Super Bowl with the likes of the Moneyline, Points Spreads, Total Points all possible, as well as a variety of player and team prop bets. 

Currently, there are three sportsbooks that offer Same Game Parlays, including for the Super Bowl. FanDuel was the first sportsbook to champion the bet type and call the market, Same Game Parlay, since then both PointsBet and BetMGM have started offering something similar, with BetMGM referring to it as a One Game Parlay. To create a Super Bowl Parlay, simply head to one of these sportsbooks and there will be an option on the Super Bowl markets for a Same Game Parlay or One Game Parlay which will show which markets you can combine for the Super Bowl. Each sportsbook will offer different markets, and different odds for selections, so be sure to shop the odds ahead of placing your Super Bowl Parlay.

New to betting or not registered with FanDuel, BetMGM, or PointsBet? Click the links for our full review including which states they operate in, and the latest sign up offers to new players.

At the time of writing, there are currently three online sportsbooks that offer Same Game Parlays, or One Game Parlays, as they’re sometimes referred to, this will include the 2021 Super Bowl. The three sportsbooks offering this type of wager are  FanDuel, BetMGM, and PointsBet. Hit the links to go to our sportsbook reviews where we breakdown all the need to know information, including which states they operate in and the latest sign up bonuses for new customers.

Each of the above sportsbooks will offer slightly different bets that you can combine into your Super Bowl Parlay, and they will also offer different odds about the same selections. Having multiple sportsbooks in your arsenal is always a great option, not only can you make the most of the signup bonuses, but also, why wager on a selection at +500 if somewhere else has it at +650, even these minor differences will add up over time to help lock in that profit.