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NFL Draft Guide: How many rounds in the 2020 NFL Draft?

NFL Draft Guide: How many rounds in the 2020 NFL Draft?

While this year’s draft is going to be a bit unconventional thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, we’ll still see a similar format.

The 2020 NFL Draft consists of seven rounds. The annual event has featured this seven-round format each year since 1994.

NFL Draft compensatory picks

However, just because there are seven rounds in each draft, it doesn’t mean 224 players (seven rounds x 32 teams) are selected each season. Each year, the NFL adds 32 “compensatory” picks between the third and seventh rounds. These extra selections are awarded to teams that signed fewer unrestricted free agents than they lost. While the exact compensatory-pick formula has never been revealed, it’s a combination of unrestricted free agent’s salary, playing time, and postseason accomplishments.

How many players get drafted?

Teams may also forfeit picks for a variety of reasons. One of the most common explanations for a forfeited pick is thanks to the Supplemental Draft. If an organization selects a player in this separate event, they’re required to give up the equivalent pick in the following year’s NFL Draft. Teams may also lose draft picks due to discipline.

So, because of these caveats, the 2020 draft will see 255 players selected through seven rounds. The 2019 draft saw 254 players selected across seven rounds, while 2018 featured 256 players.

The draft order is based on the team’s win-loss record in the regular season, with postseason success determining picks #20 through #32. Teams make a variety of trades throughout the draft, meaning the draft order today could look a whole lot different come draft day.

Several factors will make this year’s draft different than in recent years. Besides the logistical changes in conducting the event, teams also don’t have the same opportunity to scout players. Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert suggested adding three additional rounds to this year’s event to account for the unpredictable nature of this year’s prospects and to prevent teams from poaching undrafted free agents.

This proposal didn’t end up seeing the light of day, meaning the 2020 Draft will include the traditional seven rounds. The 1993 Draft consisted of eight rounds. Before that, the draft consisted of 12 rounds, and the event consisted of a whopping 17 rounds before 1976.

Pickswise Guide To The Draft 2020

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Last updated: Wed 22nd April 2020

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