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NFL Draft 2020: Which Quarterback will get drafted first, second and third?

NFL Draft 2020: Which Quarterback will get drafted first, second and third?

Pickswise betting picks for which Quarterbacks will get drafted first, second and third. We also look at where you can bet Quarterbacks draft position.

Joe Burrow is a slam dunk to be the first Quarterback selected in Thursday’s NFL Draft. He is a slam dunk to be the first player picked overall, regardless of position.

In some order, Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert will be the next two quarterbacks off the board—barring a whole host of teams getting scared off by Tagovailoa’s injury concerns and Wonderlic woes.

“Tanking for Tua” used to be a thing. But then the 2019 college football season happened. Tagovailoa suffered a significant hip injury shortly after sustaining a minor ankle injury during Alabama’s loss to LSU, while Burrow ultimately led the Tigers to the National Championship. Burrow won the Heisman Trophy (and with room to spare!), as well, throwing for 5,671 yards to go along with 60 touchdowns and six interceptions. The Cincinnati Bengals, who have not won a playoff game since the Jurassic Era (1990, to be exact) are on the clock with the No. 1 pick, and their rebuilding process must continue with a quarterback. And make no mistake about it: it’s going to be Burrow.

Bet on which Quarterback will get drafted second

You can bet on which Quarterback will get drafted first at DraftKings, the current betting odds are:

Tua Tagovailoa -150
Justin Herbert +105
Jordan Love +2500

NFL Draft Betting Draftkings

Betting Pick: Tua Tagovailoa -150

Unless the Detroit Lions trade the No. 3 pick, things may not get super exciting until the Miami Dolphins take center stage with the fifth selection.

The Dolphins have a tough choice between Tagovailoa and Herbert. Tagovailoa has been a presumed target of the Dolphins for two years now, and suddenly it looks like they can get him at No. 5 instead of at No. 1.

Injury concerns are very real, which is why this is even a discussion. Although Herbert may be the safer choice, it is the lefty who still boasts far more upside. The thinking here is that Miami has been all over Tagovailoa for so long, and his talent is so unique that he cannot be passed up at this point.

Which Quarterback will get drafted third?

Don’t be surprised if Herbert makes a one-state trip south from Oregon to California. The Los Angeles Chargers need a new signal-caller now that the Philip Rivers era is over, and Herbert would make for a suitable replacement. Utah State’s Jordan Love is getting a lot of love at the moment, but at best, he will be a mid-to-late first-round choice. Herbert will go much higher than that, as will Tagovailoa unless it somehow comes out before Thursday that his hip is in disrepair. If Miami rolls the dice as expected to get its guy, look for L.A. to counter with Herbert.

Betting Pick: Justin Herbert -125

Pickswise Draft Betting Guide By Position

Identifying the betting value on which players will get drafted first, second, or third by position below:

Last updated: Wed 22nd April 2020